Beautiful picture. Easy management

Give them a memorable experience. From premium Professional TVs in the room to touchscreens at check-in, Philips Professional Displays help you run things smoothly.
Unique features like Ambilight and CMND offer more interactivity, more control, more style.

Take control with CMND

Drag-and-drop system management.


Create a unique ambience or an immersive viewing experience with Ambilight.


Effortlessly install and launch native or bespoke apps on an Android-powered Philips display.


Easily roll out interactive welcome pages, websites, and pay-to-view channels.

 Powerful. Trusted. And ready for anything.

Our Android-powered Digital Signage Solutions and Professional TVs are fast, versatile, and secure. Whatever your industry and whatever the application, the built-in Android OS delivers blazing performance and unmatched flexibility.

Android System-on-Chip.

Powerful performance. Rapid installation.

Optimized for native Android Apps.

Ready for bespoke web apps.

Unmatched Flexibility.

Multiple displays. Multiple locations.

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