Our industry certified engineers and consultants have over 30 years of technology experience,  both locally and internationally.Our deep industry product knowledge ensuring fit for purpose and future expansion deployments.

Project Design

Taking all factors into consideration, Blu-Vine Technologies team follow a risk based approach when working with clients to develop and understand project strategy, and how technology and hardware may be used as part of the overall project plan to meet the needs of our clients.


Blu-Vine Technologies employ only the most experienced, capable and innovative teams of ICT professionals in the country. We harness the combination of intelligence, history, diversity, qualification, and demonstrable industry credibility, together with a mix of youth, enthusiasm, innovation and progressive thinking. This means we offer a collaborative design process that ensures that client needs are met in full in terms of needs now and into the future.


Surveillance Solutions

Blu-Vine Technologies support a wide range of Video Surveillance Solutions, as determined by specific client requirements and considering existing client infrastructure. The convergence of traditional CCTV with Information Technology has seen significant gains in features and new technology & Blu-Vine Technologies specialise in identifying and harvesting those benefits in a manner which connects the two worlds effectively.

Wireless Technologies

With our expansive experience in wireless technologies, be it RF or Microwave or Wi-Fi, we are able to connect multiple sites to one Server Room or NOC.

We make use of enterprise level Networking hardware and software technologies, ensuring security, stability & client satisfaction.

Business Services

Business consulting services for your Business' ICT needs.
CAPEX & OPEX Budgets.

Technical Support

Underpinning all our products and service support is a competent and capable team

Network Solutions

Expert technical advice and implementation services for any Network, big or small.

ICT Services

Professional ICT Services tailor made for your business requirements